Why engage in planting trees?

We can give you tons of reasons. But the most important one is that you and your company would show concern for the environment by being actively engaged in greening the planet. Trees are after all the simplest and most effective way to fight climate change. Trees support and provide sustainable and livable conditions for humans and animals.
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Why participate as a company?

Besides showing your concern for nature and climate, there are additional reasons to choose to support Tree to Be as a company:

  • show initiative in a simple, clear and effective way
  • motivate employees and their families to (support to) plant trees
  • create positive impact and raise awareness for a larger group of clients
  • a practical way of engaging your sustainablility and CSR policy

What is Tree to Be able to offer?

Tree to Be can help you integrate your support of trees with fun and creative concepts in your organization. We can help you find strategies for your clients, products, events or internal activities such as the implementation of the CSR policy and ways to engage your employees.

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