Where do we plant trees?

You can’t plant trees just anywhere. We also want them to have our intended effect and results.
We don’t want our trees to just offer food, beauty and shade, but also an optimum contribution to the cooling and moistening of our earth.

Every project is different

Every country, region, and project is different and requires different approaches. Costs of planting, tree species and survival rates differ from project to project. To ensure that your contributions and our efforts have the largest yield, we take great care in selecting our projects: we only collaborate with the most experienced partners.

These are examples of projects we contribute to:

Restoration of the rainforest, Borneo, Malaysia
The rainforest of Borneo has suffered greatly as a result of non-sustainable forestry and non-sustainable use of land for the palm oil industry. This project area is next to the rich nature of the Danum Valley Conservation Area home to at least 120 mammal species and more than 340 bird species. They include many endangered animals such as the Orangutan, Gibbon and Borneo pygmy elephant.

Restoring the climate forest, Siddeburen, Netherlands
A large part of the forest cover in this area has been plagued by Chalara Disease. In order to turn this around, contaminated trees are removed (if required) so that healthy trees remain safe. Various tree species are being planted in the empty spaces in the forest. The forest provides shelter to numerous wildlife including deer and various bird species.

Restoring various forests in central Netherlands
Many forests have been plagued by Chalara Disease or damaged by storms. Also the development of new forests (including food forests) mean that that are various options for contributing. All these options are part of public access recreation areas where there is ample space for expansion. These areas are obviously free for the public to visit. There are many hiking trails present that give us the opportunity to enjoy the area to the fullest.

Partners (among others) we collaborate with are:

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