What can data centers do more in the fight against climate change besides reducing their own energy consumption and CO2 emissions? We have developed an approach called ‘Ecological Recovery as a Service’. Data centers can play a key role.

Trees are the only truly sustainable technology to help solve many problems arising from our climate challenges. They provide us with air, water and nutrition. They reduce particulate matter, prevent erosion, use CO2 for their growth and cool the environment and thus the planet. No wonder that climate scientists have increasingly come to understand the importance of trees and forests.

To be truly climate neutral, reducing greenhouse gases is not the only thing we can do. This is just the first step. An equal focus is required on ensuring that natural ecosystems can continue to function optimally.

The positive impact that data centers can have is enormous, as the challenges surrounding energy, heat, CO2 and disrupted weather patterns are ever increasing within the sector. That is why we want to join hands with data centers to see how they can play a key role in ERaaS, or Ecological Recovery as a Service, in a positive way.

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